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Our story

Many years ago, when “Inclusion” began to be highlighted, we began to realize that even today, everything regarding intellectual disability (ID) is mostly aimed at children and young people, without due worry about their future when they become adults.

Up to a certain point they use the Institutions, but when they reach their objectives and reach a certain age, they are disconnected.

And there? An adult's body and a child's mentality... They are at the mercy of human vulnerability and evil.

So the Casulo Project was initially created, designed by Rita Leme in partnership with Father José Roberto Cavasa, who is currently responsible for presiding over the organization. Today, called the Day Center for People with Disabilities, the institution aims to be a “Coexistence Center for Young Adults with Disabilities”, where socialization, self-esteem and autonomy are worked on, leading them to have dignity and quality of life, an interaction between the Institution, the intellectually disabled person and the family.

The Santo Expedito Community Association, created in 2000, is the sponsor of the Day Center for Persons with Disabilities, which currently serves young adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) and works hard to implement more social projects within the project itself, making it a pioneer in fight for this cause.


Bragança Paulista, 2022

Father José Roberto Cavasa

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