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Dance and Body Expression Activity

Held at Ambiência Corpo e Movimento, it provides learning through bodily activities, rhythmic and theatrical games, exploring possibilities for the development of users' kinesthetic, creative and artistic potential.

The art of dance enables the development of personality in a balanced way, providing the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, acceptance of the individual and stimulation of well-being. The purpose of teaching dance to our users is inclusion in the social context and improving the quality of movement and mobility, socialization, self-confidence and self-esteem of the class.

The dance teacher prepares the choreography and they follow the rhythm, aiming to socialize and establish bonds between the group.


Judo is a sporting pedagogical activity, which provides the practitioner with psychomotor development, improved locomotion, better body posture and improved perception capacity as well as safety in the face of challenges found in environments designed for non-disabled people. In addition to the development of the philosophical principle for strengthening the spirit.

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